credit cards

Credit Cards. Are You a Transactor or a Revolver?

Credit cards. Nowadays, credit cards can be used for just about anything. And they are ridiculously convenient. Shopping for groceries? Simply tap the terminal and away you go. Ordering food or …

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Making a claim

Making a claim

Obviously, we hope that none of our clients ever make a claim on their life insurance policy. But, from time to time, claims need to be made. Here is our step-by-step …

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Income Returns

Income returns and capital growth

As a general rule, investors make their money from one of two types of return. A capital return is one that the investor enjoys when they dispose of their investment asset. …

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marriage and your will

Marriage and your will

In most cases, a legal marriage will nullify, or at least substantially vary, a pre-existing will. This is the case unless the will specifically anticipates a coming marriage. So, if you …

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Consolidating super

Consolidating Super

Every year we make it a point to write at least one blog article on consolidating super. Consolidating super is where benefits held in two or more super funds are ‘rolled …

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life insurance

Making Life Insurance Premiums More Affordable

Insurance premiums are like a bet you hope you lose. While everybody who has financial dependents (including themselves) who rely on the income they generate should take out insurance, we sincerely …

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Defensive Investments

What Is a Defensive Investment?

As we wrote last week, investment assets are usually divided into one of two types: growth or defensive. Last week we discussed growth investments. This week, let’s look at the other …

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Growth Investments

Growth Investments

You have probably heard the terms ‘growth investments’ and ‘defensive investments’. What do they mean, exactly? All investments are divided into one or the other of these two categories. A growth …

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance. Who needs it?

There are many different types of life insurance. One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘who needs what’ kind of cover. In this article, we will examine each …

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